How to verify the zoom rpm file

Zoom’s rpm packages are signed with a GPG key. To verify that the rpm file has not been interfered with you can do the following:

Download the rpm file and GPG key from here.

Import the GPG key and check the fingerprint by executing the following in your terminal (in the folder where you downloaded the rpm file and GPG key):

sudo rpm --import
gpg --fingerprint

Scroll through the list of keys and check the zoom GPG fingerprint matches.

3960 60CA DD8A 7522 0BFC B369 B903 BF18 61A7 C71D

Once you have verified it is the same you can check the signatures are ok using

sudo rpm -K zoom_x86_64.rpm

Then finally you can install as normal

sudo dnf install zoom_x86_64.rpm

Please note that these instructions are for Fedora Linux. For other flavours of linux they could be different (e.g. different package managers such as apt-get instead of dnf).

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