Using neomutt for email

What is NeoMutt?

There is no doubt that dealing with email in a terminal is for people with, shall we say, special interest.

I prefer doing things in the terminal whenever it is possible, so for me, I was naturally curious to see what it was like doing email in the terminal. I had a quick look around and quickly decided that neomutt would be worth a try. I was drawn to neomutt as it seemed to offer loads of customisability.

NeoMutt is a command line mail reader based on Mutt. It is versatile and highly configurable. It is run in the terminal.

Configuring NeoMutt

NeoMutt does require quite a bit of configuring in order to get it to they way you want. Fortunately configuring NeoMutt is straight forward and a lot of fun. You can configure how email is shown, handled and operated.

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